At Dr Vapor we want to reward our customers with discounts on future purchases! Every time you place an order with us or write a review on a product you purchased, you will receive VapePoints automatically added to your account.


The VapePoints you earn can be redeemed for a discount on your next order, or you can save them up to claim a bigger discount when you’re ready to cash them in.


Here’s how it works:


For every £1 you spend, you will receive 10 VapePoints, and for every review you write on a product you will receive 50 VapePoints. When redeeming, 1 VapePoint = 1p.




Spend £5 – receive 50 VapePoints – 50p discount on a future order.

Spend £30 – receive 300 VapePoints – £3 discount on a future order.


Review a product – receive 50 VapePoints – 50p discount on a future order.



You can see the VapePoints you have earned at any time by logging into ‘My Account‘.


*During promotional periods, we may offer double VapePoints for purchases of featured products.